Team Serie: Who is Sarah Engel


In our series “Who is…?” we introduce you to all of our team members.

Sarah Engel

Sarah joined our team in March 2015. She works as a Project Associate for Breeding Technical Services (ZDL) for the Swiss Cattle Breeders Association (ASR), which is the umbrella organization of the cattle breeding associations. She studied agricultural biology in Stuttgart Hohenheim, specializing in livestock biology. After graduating in 2011, she moved to Switzerland and a few years later to Qualitas.

But what exactly does a Project Associate for Breeding Technical Services do anyway? Sarah manages the secretariat of the ASR Commission ZDL and works mainly on inter-association projects. For example, she set up the Automatic Animal Data Exchange (ATDA) in collaboration with Braunvieh Switzerland, Swissherdbook and Holstein Switzerland. She was also heavily involved in the Healthy Claws resource project, in which claw health data is exchanged. You could also see Sarah as a mediator between the customers and the IT of Qualitas.

Sarah is family oriented and very active. In the past, sports, hiking and traveling, mainly in Southeast Asia, were her main focus. Since the birth of her son, however, things have changed. Her free time is quieter and of course the focus is now on family life. Sarah appreciates the flexibility Qualitas gives her to work from home. Nevertheless, she also comes to the office regularly as she enjoys the collaboration and the exchange with her colleagues on site. And the team is always happy to hear her distinctive Swabian dialect.