Team Serie: Who is Nikoletta Gautschi?


In our series “Who is…?” we introduce you to our entire team. This time there is a whole new face:

Nikoletta Gautschi

  • Nikoletta started as a software developer at Qualitas in the middle of the Corona times and has been part of our team since June 2020.
  • She graduated in agriculture in her hometown Budapest (H) in 1997 and completed the CAS Web Engineering by distance learning in 2019.
  • After graduating from university and after a short research activity at today’s Agroscope in Wädenswil, Nikoletta ” shifted” by chance into computer science. For about 20 years she worked as a software developer in the insurance industry, since 2006 in the web sector. Although she has never regretted the change of profession to computer science, she is happy that the circle is closing and she can work in the agricultural sector again.
  • At Qualitas, she was from the beginning involved in a project that deals with the conversion of the front end of one of our core applications.
  • Nikoletta appreciates our professional environment and the extremely fair failure culture in our work. Thanks to the open-mindedness in our team, she immediately felt welcome.
  • In her free time she likes to go hiking, go on bike tours or jogging.
Nikoletta Gautschi