Team Serie: Who is Max Reich


In our series “Who is…?” we introduce you to all of our team members.

Max Reich

  • When he started at the Braunvieh  Breeders ‘ Association in March 1989, the typical computer scientist profession did not yet exist. Max dared to make a lateral move – after completing his studies in agronomy in Zollikofen, he took on tasks that had previously been handled by a large computer manufacturing company. Maybe it was just luck that he decided to specialize in “computer science” during his studies and gained his first experience in programming there. Or perhaps he already sensed the great potential of this field at that time.
  • In the meantime, the computer science profession has changed completely. In addition to collecting data and digitizing, the list of tasks has expanded enormously. This would no longer be manageable alone. As a result, a stately IT team has developed around the former lone fighter Max, which is led by him.
  • His free time is also an accumulation of many different activities. At one time, he was particularly enthusiastic about sporting activities such as paragliding, climbing, biking and traveling. For a few years now, he has been fascinated by bees. They give him the necessary peace and balance, with the hope that beekeeping will accompany him into retirement. The team is also happy about his special hobby, so we can always enjoy nearly home-made honey.
Max Reich