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Team Serie: Who is Anke Schorr?

When it comes to Anke, an interest in software develpment and a great passion for yaks come together. A perfect combination for our project management team.

Anke Schorr Bildausschnitt

Team Serie: Who is Nikoletta Gautschi?

Corona, home office and many video calls. Despite the current situation Nikoletta felt immediately welcome in our IT team and supports us as a software engineer since June 2020.

Nikoletta Gautschi
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Team Serie: Who is Urs Schnyder?

When it comes to breeding value estimation, our management member Urs Schnyder has a great deal of expertise. Next to Qualitas, he also represents the interests of our industry on an international level.

Urs Schnyder

Team Serie: Who is Mida Egli?

This time we introduce you in our team series to Mida. She is working for Qualitas as a software developer since 2015.

Mida Egli

Team Serie: Who is Beat Bapst?

When it comes to small ruminants in the breeding value estimation, Beat will be the right person to talk to in our team.

Beat Bapst

Team Serie: Who is Adrien Butty

From student to intern to employee, from Switzerland to Canada and back again. We introduce you to Adrien Butty in our employee series.

Adrien Butty