Review of the Extreme JAVA Camp

Our Software Engineers at the Extreme JAVA Camp

The Extreme JAVA Camp attracts with exciting intensive sessions on Java 8 Streams, Design Patterns and Performance Analysis. As our IT team is always on the lookout for further education to stay up to date or to learn something new, several interested team members were found to participate in the camp in fall 2020.

So for five days, our schedule was filled with buzzwords like refactoring, lambdas and gang-of-four design patterns, HotSpot profilers, garbage collectors, and performance analysis. But thanks to the structured course materials and valuable recommendations for further technical literature, we have all the important facts and details at our fingertips even after the camp is over.

extreme java camp 2020

Further training - from theory to practice

Have the five days been worthwhile for our team? We believe so, because we have taken home a lot. Of course, we haven’t been able to implement everything we heard, saw and learned at the Extreme JAVA Camp yet. And we don’t have to at all. However, we have already been able to implement one or the other detail in our own coding projects and are grateful to have been able to improve our own software engineering a bit through this exciting online training.

Instead of packing our bags and going on a training trip for a few days, we were able to stay relaxed in our home office in the fall of 2020 and enjoy the evenings with our families despite our full schedule. We are excited about the topics for the upcoming Extreme JAVA Camps and whether many of us will be so enthusiastic again – whether remotely or on site, we let ourselves be surprised.